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What is VertiFit?

It’s Vertical Fitness!

I teach aerial yoga, silks, lyra, cube, trapeze, spanish web, acro-yoga, hoop dance, poi & more!

Aerial yoga is perfect for all ages - adults or children, and all levels - beginner to advanced. The wide range of poses allows each student to work at the level they are comfortable and is guaranteed to give everyone the dynamic benefits of inversions for enhanced wellbeing. Plus it's a lot of fun!

Aerial athletics is a challenging gymnastic workout focused on the upper body and core. Learn a new apparatus and diverse techniques for moving the body on hoop, fabrics, or any vertical element! Classes focus on flexibility, strength training, core skills and tricks.


Barrie's Professional Certifications:


  • Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)

  • Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

  • CPR, AED, and First Aid Certifications

  • Aerial Silks and Lyra Instructor

  • Certified Pole Fitness Instructor 

  • IKC Touch For Health training on muscle testing to improve postural balance and reduce physical discomfort.

VertiFit Believes:

Every student can benefit from athletics. It improves coordination, flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

The primary goal is to provide students with life-skills through athletics.

Each student’s self-esteem and self-image is worth far more than a trophy.


Aerial Arts classes are designed to promote strength and flexibility while safely learning aerial tricks. Mental maturity is required to ensure a safe training experience; therefore, it is recommended that you are at least eight years of age.

" I teach with a focus on encouraging self-confidence and building self-esteem. I aim to make every student feel successful. Inspiring creativity, nurturing kindness, and compassion to all things are a part of my teachings of service and support for others."

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