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4:30pm - Open Gym
5:30pm - ADULT Silks & Lyra: 1
6:30pm - Hoop & Poi


4:00pm - Silks & Lyra: Level 1
5:30pm - Silks & Lyra: Level 1  6:30pm - Silks & Lyra: Level 2


5:00pm - Silks & Lyra: Level 1  
0pm - Trapeze, Cube, Lyra,


5:00pm - Silks & Lyra: Level 2 
6:00pm - Silks & Lyra: Level 1


11am - Aerial Yoga
12pm - Silks & Lyra: Level 1 & 2 
1pm -Acro Jams


Reserved for: Birthday Parties
Bachelorette Parties

Special Workshops

What To Wear?

 Leggings - to cover the backs of your knees.

 A fitted t-shirt - that won't fall up when inverted. 

This attire helps to avoid burns caused by friction with the fabric or hoop.

Please use Book Online from the drop down menu under "Classes & Rates."  

Pre-registration is required as class sizes are limited and fill quickly.  Clients must pre-pay for all classes.


Single Class:

Aerial Yoga - $20.

Acro Yoga - $20.
Hooping & Poi - $20.


Aerial Silks, Lyra, & Cube - $25.
Hammock Sling & Aerial Loops - $25
Trapeze & Spanish Web - $25.

Open Gym - $10.
Open gym is for current students.

Monthly Packages:

4 classes (1/wk.) - $80.00 (save 20%)
8 classes (2/wk.) - $150.00 (save 25)



Summer Special!

4 Hoop Dance Classes for $60!

Private Lessons:

Single Private  for 1 person:
$55.00 Per hour
Single Private for 2 people:
$75.00 Per hour

3 Private Lessons Package: $150.00

Please call to schedule private lessons.

Gift Cards are available in any amount!


Class Descriptions:


Aerial silk classes are based for beginners, but are developed for all levels to be challenged. We focus on individual skills, proper form, poses, transitions, building strength and flexibility. Then advance to combine sequences, understand pathways, alignment, dynamic spinning, and routines. Students also learn how to focus on multiple tasks, conquer fears, build confidence, and express creativity.




Aerial hoop (aka lyra) is a circular steel apparatus suspended from a single point. Classes begin with basic skills and conditioning then progress at your level.

In this class you will learn basics such as mounting the hoop, posing, spinning and moving within it to transition between positions. Aerial Hoop classes are great for building core strength and showcasing your flexibility. 


Students will focus on developing the balance and coordination to manipulate the cube while combining sequences for a basic routine. Intermediate level experience on aerial hoop or trapeze required.


Static Trapeze or Dance Trapeze will develop fundamental skills that can be applied to all apparatuses. Students learn mounting the bar,  standing up gracefully, pulling over, and basic tricks.


Spanish Web is a rope with a loop attached to it. Web is done with the aerialist being spun by a setter who is on the ground. In this class students learn to climb and suspended from their wrist. While spinning you will learn to transition from and into various poses.  You may also learn to set the web, which is an important part of the art of Spanish Web. 


Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga principles with the use of aerial swings as a prop. You will learn to invert and balance in challenging yoga poses, gain better body awareness, build cardiovascular and muscular strength, become more flexible, increase joint mobility, decompress the vertebrae of the spine without strain and utilize the agility you’ve gained from yoga! The class emphasis is to have fun while learning new yoga poses & experiencing a total body workout.


Hoop dance is for everyBODY! It's a great workout for ALL ages that's fun and challenging. Students will learn hoop moves including weaves, isolation's, escalators and more! As your skills develop, you may perform solo hoop dances or synchronized hoop group with even more impressive skills!



Modern poi coexists with traditional Maori poi and enjoys a broader, worldwide audience. Students learn performance poi and how to dance with poi while creating a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. Poi can be your movement meditation or means of creative expression.
Have fun with the moves you’re learning, and with the process of learning itself.


An innovative workout for everyone. A great high cardio and muscle toning workout utilizing resistance bungee make it a fun experience. Once you try Bungee fitness you'll feel a difference and will want to add it to your workout routine.

Class size is limited so you must reserve your spot in advance. You must be 13 years of age to register for this class and have had no recent surgeries.

Bungee Fitness:
By appointment

Please Note: You must cancel at least 24 hours prior to class or your payment/credit will be forfeited. 

VertiFit keeps classes small to insure individualized attention for each student.  

All classes are 1 hour unless otherwise noted. 

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