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Google Reviews from our Clients

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Pete T. 

Thanks to Coach Barrie Michaels and her VertiFit Aerial Arts, our daughter has become passionate about and dedicated to being a top performer. Her physical strength and stamina have developed and improved, but more importantly, her drive and sense of commitment have grown dramatically over her 4 years with VertiFit. This is a result of the direct interaction with Coach Barrie as well as learning by example. Coach Barrie is an extremely hard worker, always on top of the myriad details but also always making it fun. There's no one more dedicated to her work and her students than Coach Barrie. If you're considering aerial arts for yourself or your children, the only place to be is VertiFit.


Megan R. 

VertiFit is a treasure to Volusia/Flagler residents!!! You will not find a more devoted instructor of the aerial apparatus’ than Barrie Michaels. My daughter has been with VertiFit since she was 7 yrs old (now 13!} That’ was the perfect age for a young aerialist to begin! She’s learned on many different apparatus, even the trapeze! As of right now,  my daughters main focus is the Silks and Lyra, but she loves learning the other apparatus. I love she has room to grow here! There’s more here to do than any other studio in a 60 mile radius. I’ve taken some of the adult classes and they are excellent too! This practice is more rewarding  than dance and gymnastics, because the classes are smaller and the special attention the coaches give the students is also helping them grow as good and responsible humans. This world needs responsible future leaders and Barrie and staff ensure the students practice these same philosophies! Safety of the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT is carried into the practice. The students are learning from within their own limits. It’s truly beautiful! Also, This is the most HYGIENIC studio I’ve even been in my life! You will never smell the nasty feet smell like “other studios and gyms”. Barrie takes precautions; first off, at the door, there’s sanitary wipes for all the students after they remove their shoes and socks as soon as they enter. They wash their feet and then follow up with hand sanitizer. As a mom, I appreciate my daughter has never had a bout of Illness spread from class. Any owner of any gym, or yoga studio should implement the same sanitation process. We are thankful for this studio, as it’s given my daughter an outlet outside of the traditional dance and gymnastics routines. We also have enjoyed doing many performances with Ocean Center and City of Palm Coast. So she is getting some great performing arts experiences in addition to everything else!


Daniel A.

The one and only studio for aerial arts in the region! Our daughter joined VertiFit about 3 years ago and she LOVES it! Barrie is very professional and has a amazing skill set.
Every participant of the lessons is individually taught progresses at its own speed. That makes it FUN FOR EVERYBODY! Barrie brings in a lot of personal effort and the VertiFit team is participating in multiple local events like the Palm Coast Christmas Parade.
If you or any member of your family wants to try the art of silk aerial, the cube, a trapeze or the lyra you got to give VertiFit a try; bet you will love it!!! Thank you Barrie!


Tasha B.

We’ve been going to VertiFit for 4 months now and from the moment we stepped into the studio my daughter has found her happy place. Coach Barrie is so patient, kind, and very talented.
She works so hard to empower her students and really cares for them. The mood is always so relaxing and calm. It is also very clean. My daughter looks forward to her class every week.
I would suggest her classes to anyone.


Alycia W.

Highly recommend this facility. Coach Barrie goes above and beyond for my daughter. The small class sizes give her the individual attention she needs.
In just a short year she has excelled beyond my expectations. Again; the facility and coach are top notch, you will not be disappointed in your decision!


Keri-Lynn H.

I highly recommend VertiFit!!!! It was a great work out for me and my daughter. It was a also a fun mother and daughter thing to do. Now my daughter is looking forward to it every week. Coach Barrie is the best! The coach gradually elevates each individuals skill. Every class, Emily is better and better. It is a great confidence booster too. 


Shelley W.

My daughter has been doing aerial arts with VertiFit for almost 4 years and loves it. She has built amazing core strength and so much confidence. She has been able to participate in several community showcases at places like the Volusia Mall and the city center in Palm Coast. It’s great for all ages.


Tracy L.

I took my first POI Spinning (Flow Arts) class at VertiFit thinking it would just be something fun to do, and now I'm hooked! Not only is it fun, but it's also a great workout for your upper body, core, legs, and for your brain! Years of too much time on the computer has left me with severe shoulder stiffness. After my first class at VertiFit, my shoulders felt better than they had in years. My massage therapist even remarked that I should keep doing whatever it was I was doing because my shoulders had never been that loose. VertiFit's facility is wonderful, offering training on multiple forms of Aerial Arts and Flow Arts, and the instructors are fabulous. Give it a try - you won't be sorry!


Maya S.

My daughters go to VertiFit classes every week and they have learned so much in a little over a year. We are so glad to have this option for this fine art especially in this age of Covid. Coach Barrie keeps everything really clean. She also holds fun events such as the last “Revitalize your Senses” experience. We enjoyed the smell of lavendar, relaxing in the silks with music and projected images, tasty desserts, and awesome entertainment. I highly recommend Verti Fit!


Kimberly A.

Fabulous, supportive environment for people of all ages! My daughter has found her inner (and outer) strength and her happy place!


Elizabeth K.

Vertifit is such a beautiful, fun & immaculately clean studio for learning aerial arts & flow! Barrie's love for her students & passion for aerial arts really shines through the newly opened studio. Barrie is such a dedicated coach and creates an unforgettable & safe experience!


Gina R.

Coach Barrie is wonderful! She is a shining light of kindness, confidence, and good character for the students to look up to. Her studio is amazing!!


Anna B.

Barrie is an amazing coach...both of my kids (boy and girl) love coming to the class and don't want to leave at the end of the session. (Olivia has been a student for almost 3 yrs.)


Yasmira T.

I have been attending VertiFit for about four months now. I truly can’t believe how much I’ve learned and improved with coach Barrie and the team. I never expected a work out to turn into a hobby. Coach Barrie and The team have motivated me and pushed me beyond limits I never would have. This fun class offers various Aerial arts such as Silks, Lyra, hoops, yoga trapeze and much more. VertiFit also participates in local events in the community. I highly recommend all ages try at least one class ...who knows you might get hooked like I did!!!! Plus I have zeroooo aerial background and am starting from ground up and struggling with Fibro.
If I can do it you can too!!!!!


Ally P.

I’ve been going to Vertifit for over a year. I’m 26 and not like a lot of the younger kids who come to classes, but it has been super rewarding both mentally and physically. Barrie has a passion for aerial and is always learning, just like her students. Don’t hesitate to give it a try because you will learn so much and be proud of what your body can do. I know I sure am.

Kyndall K.


I would like to thank my Lyra coach, Barrie, for everything she has done to prepare me for the States and National competition. When I first got on the Lyra I found a new love and passion for this talent.  I really am grateful for this woman. She was so patient with me, worked with my schedule and pushed me when I needed it most.  For anyone who wants to get involved in this sport - do it! You will be amazed at what you can really do!  I wish to continue to persue this talent and maybe even have the opportunity to perform locally. Contact Barrie to experience this!  Thank you for all that you do and all you have done to help me reach my goals!  I am proud to be your student!


Grace M.


I feel so lucky to have found this for my daughter! My daughter shows interest in many things, but the Silks & Lyra class is something she truly loves doing and wants to do all the time (not just once a week)!

This has given her a new purpose and something to look forward to. She would literally do this all the time if she could, it's that engaging! I also enjoy watching her as well! Win-win!! 
I'm so thankful for Barrie offering her services here in Flagler County. She an excellent teacher, and role model. She encourages children to make healthy lifestyle choices, which is something our kids need to hear more of today. 

Again, she is top notch! 


Alaina R.


I have been doing aerial for over (4 years now) and have enjoyed it so much! I’ve felt much healthier and happier since I’ve started. It has amazed me how much stronger I have grown and what I have accomplished in aerial arts!

Acro 4_edited.jpg

Liza Owner of IDC Studio:


I feel privileged to be able to provide space and time for this amazing program. Barrie teaches with grace and kindness and the girls just love her and the VertiFit program.

Terri Owner of Just Tumblin':


Barrie did an awesome job with our week long camp at Just Tumblin' Florida Top Dog Allstars!

The participants learned so much and improved each day!



Barrie is excellent with the girls and helps them thru every step. My daughter loves the class and the new things she is learning how to do.

I would definetly recommend her to anyone.



I highly recommend anyone and everyone to get involved and at least taking one class, once you take one class I can assure you that you will want to do it again.

Barrie teaches each move well and is very good with critiquing. I absolutely love being a part of this VertiFit team.

She is very good with contacting me back with the information I needed, and is eager to help me strive for perfection. She is very patient with me as sometimes it can take me a little bit longer to grasp new material.  So excited for my next lesson!



Seriously one of the funest things I have ever done.

It is such a unique experience. I highly recommend trying it!



Aerial yoga with Barrie is amazing! I absolutely love it!


I am a very active person but my flexibility is not up to par, and I am not one to sit still. So I thought I would try Aerial yoga for a fun twist on traditional poses. Best decision ever! I love all the inversions and hanging upside down and swinging, I feel like a kid on the jungle gym!


This class is the highlight of my week and I am always looking forward to it. And Barrie is the best; patient, kind, vibrant and an excellent teacher.

Y'all need to come try this!


Sarah B.


Attended a class with Barrie when I was visiting, I had never tried it before and was amazed about how fun and how great of a workout it is. A new found hobby!


Barrie was great at instruction and patient with me since I was a beginner. Now I need to bring this trend up north! Great class! thanks again.


Sydnee G.



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