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Learn Acro-Yoga & Partner Balancing - No experience or partner necessary. 

Fitness, Flying & FUN!
$35. Pre-Registration required as space is limited! (Ages Teens & Adults)

This fabric workshop will cover many aspects  starting with ground moves that translate to air performance, exercises to focus on body awareness, core strength, flexibility and conditioning. We will cover multiple climbs, transitions and techniques used from the hip key (hip lock). Different techniques will be explored and participants will work on building unique sequences. We cover act development, focusing to build confidence, develop and incorporate unique character work and fine-tune interaction between both the silk and the audience and performance presentation. 



Comfortable on the fabric with basic moves (at least one type of climb), hip key's, and straddle backs. Participants should be able to maintain positions in the air for at least 1 minute and possess an inspiration to build an act.



Through the next few weeks, please train as much as you can with climbs, straddle ups and your HIP KEY!!! Be inspired and work out hard, preparing your body but not over exhausting!! Please prepare an approximately 1 minute sequence that you can share with the group... It could be anything... This is not about the moves or technique you use but will be applied into a fun collective activity.

Please Call if you have any questions. 

"This is the Best camp ever!

I learned so much!" ~ Sarah

VertiFit Aerial Arts Summer Camps!


Looking for an awesome summer camp?  Try something different this summer!  
Join us for a unique day camp experience for kids/teens interested in learning the basic skills of Aerial Arts.
Here you will learn basic moves in aerial yoga,  lyra, silks, cube, and more; while developing strength and flexibility.  
At the end of each session; students will perform their skills for family and friends. Camp is available for children ages 7-18.


There will be limited spots available to ensure individualized instruction and safety.
The camp sessions will be filled on a first-come first-served basis and all fees must be paid in full to reserve your spot.

Session Pricing: $60. per day or $33. per 1/2  day
$20 Registration Fee (non refundable)
Full Day 9am-3pm
Half Day 9am-12pm OR 12pm-3pm


Please call for more information and details.


We are looking forward to flying with you this summer!


Please contact VertiFit if you have any questions.

Workshops are a great way to cross train, learn new skills, and offer something different for your clientelle.


If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your yoga studio, gym, or dance studio

please contact me to reserve the dates.  


You'll be amazed at how much fun it will bring!