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VertiFit is proud to be an affiliate and distributor. Contact me for special pricing to purchase your Polesilks.


Born out of a desire to intigrate the beauty of silks and pole, this unique creation allows a perfect collaboration of both.

Elevate your pole fitness to the next level!


Polesilks are fully tested and insured for YOUR safety. The silks are specially manufactured and come with a 3yr/300 working hour guarantee.*  Made in England. 


Available to fit various pole sizes from 50mm and then adaptors for 45mm, 42mm, 40mm & 38mm (one is included with your unit.)

Our specially manufactured Silks are avaliable in Black or Pink and in 6mtr (to fit 10ft ceilings) or 8mtr (to fit 13ft ceilings).

Other lengths are avaliable by request.


HOW2 with Polesilks

Q&A with Polesilks


Polesilks® is integrating Pole and Silks that’s fully tested for safety for use on dance / fitness pole equipment for home, studio or gym use.

It has been tested to meet safety standards and conformity required for Public Liability Insurance.

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