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Top 5 Benefits of Aerial Yoga:


1. Total Body Workout - Toning and redefining the muscles, regenerating and strengthening the joints during the workout.

This workout is often recommended for physical rehabilitation.


2. Great for spinal decompression, pain prevention and lymphatic drainage.


3. Inner body reactivation - The circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems are reactivated through blood circulation.

It boosts your mental abilities and strengthens the neural connections related to memory and intelligence.


4. Psychologically beneficial- It rebuilds your emotional system because it relieves stress.


5. It increases your creativity. 


The American Psychological Association found that 50% of workers say they’re less productive due to stress; futher research from the nonprofit Health Enhancement Research Organization found that health care expenses are 46% higher for stressed-out employees. A recent report from Harvard Medical School found that regularly practicing yoga can help modulate stress responses.

So join a class today!  Aerial yoga classes are a great investment in your health and well-being. ~Namaste.

Watch this quick video to learn more about aerial yoga.

Benefits for Children:


Aerial yoga is an incredibly beneficial mind/body tool for children; unfortunately, there aren't many places offering aerial classes for children.  


Our classes incorporate mind/body exercise, sensory integration, and life-skills. We have been taught that we have 5 senses, however, neurologists will explain humans have 9 or more senses. These include the somatic senses and interoceptive senses - of which there are basically three. The two major sensations we utilize are:

 1. Vestibular/Balance - the sense of the body's alignment and movement through space.
 2. Proprioception - the brain's knowledge of the relative positions of its body parts.  
Working in tandum this helps to increases brain organization and regulation.


Students also work on breathing techniques, mindfulness, peaceful principles, and creativity. In aerial yoga, we can raise or lower the swing to accomodate each student at there comfort level. Our classes encorage self-confidence; as the swing packs in the fun factor and motivates kids to develop a love for movement, and a mind/body practice early on so they can use these principles throughout their life. Remember, the mind reflects the body and the body the mind. 

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